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“… travel through the entire universe of Lemonism explored so far and can even be a witness of the birth of a new –ism… “

In July 2017 the world premiere of the theater version, ” LEMONISM x DADAISM ” and the complete museum version Vol.2, “LEMONISM x CUBISM | SYMBOLISM | MINIMALISM | DADAISM, and the video installation LEMONISM x ACTIONISM | JAPONISM took place at ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival.

2017. LEMONISM x DADAISM: theater version
2017. Vol.2: museum version (Complete) LEMONISM x CUBISM | DADAISM | MINIMALISM | SYMBOLISM & ACTIONISM (V) | JAPONISM (V)
2016. Vol.1: museum version (Archive) LEMONISM x JAPONISM | MINIMALISM | SYMBOLISM | ACTIONISM
2015. LEMONISM X ACTIONISM: museum version (Performance)

In her rhizomatic performance Akemi Takeya confronts different “art isms” with her idea of Lemonism: In the series’ kick off performance LEMONISM x ACTIONISM she sets up a battle between the two concepts of LEMONISM and Actionism, adapts and re-enacts the strategies of the Viennese 1960s artistic movement. In Takeya’s cosmic and artistic world LEMONISM focuses on the body as material of “the I“ including 72 items. It is a trial of finding a new perspective to present the body, which aims to reconstruct the way of body definition. The presentation of this action through the 72 items re-identifies the body in a transfiguration – a multiple integration through the action. The lemon becomes a metaphor and a vessel for transforming each of the 72 items, a means of imprinting or personifying nature itself. Flesh acts as flesh, juice for blood, cut for cut.

After the kick-off of the series with the performance LEMONISM x ACTIONISM in the framework of ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival 2015 Takeya continued the development of her unique concept of LEMONISM: in October the performance was shown in the framework of “ORF Long Night of Museums” at mumok (Museum moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien). The complete museum version, LEMONISM x CUBISM / DADAISM / MINIMALISM /SYMBOLISM (performance) & ACTIONISM / JAPONISM (Installation) was premiered at the Leopold Museum, July 2017. The LEMONISM x ACTIONISM has got another turn to participate in the project of Jan Fabre, “The Raft. Art is (not) Lonely” which is also curated by him, where Takeya performed a theatrical version and also, presented a video installation in Ostend (Belgium) – Her installation was opened from October 21, 2017 and lasted until April 15, 2018 Wellington-Hippodroom. Related to the installation, the performance was presented on April 11, 2018 at Cultuurcentrum De Grote Post.


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