LEMONISM Special – ‘The Raft. Art is (not) Lonely’


The video installation of „LEMONISM X ACTIONSIM“ is now on view from October 21, 2017 to April 15. 2018 in the Wellington-Hippodroom, Ostend ➤ Quick View_Snapvideo.
Akemi Takeya is not only presenting her video installation, her work series LEMONISM is also featured in Ostend’s public space. Afterwards she will show a live performance at Cultuurcentrum De Grote Post (Apr 11, 2018) related to her installation. * Curated by Jan Fabre and Joanna De Vos, commisioned by Mu.ZEE in Ostend, Belgium

The show is about art as a vessel and what it conveys. The Raft engages in a dialogue with Ostend, a city near the sea with a history and a particular perfume. Spread over several venues in the Belgian seaside resort, the dramaturgy of the exhibition departs from the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (Mu.ZEE) with a careful research of Théodore Géricault’s painting The Raft of the Medusa (1818) and Jan Fabre’s utopian raft Art is (not) Lonely (1986). Two works that are separated by 170 years and that originated in completely different settings, yet that also tune in to each other through the imagination of the expedition and the destiny of the artist, a theme that is also a metaphor of the human condition.

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” The body is the last frontier of art. Eighteen men at the limits of human experience: fifteen still alive, three eventually dead. The connection between Akemi Takeya’s action and Géricault’s “The Rafts of the Medusa” lies in their extreme physicality.“  – Akemi Takeya, Performing artist picks eighteen actions and dedicated them to the shipwrecked in Géricault’s painting…” by Jürgen Bauer

Thus, she raises questions similar to those asked by “The Rafts of the Medusa”: Where do life and art intertwine? Where can the transient moment of death and suffering be burned into a permanent image?  Lemons are spreaded all over the city, find and ask the lemon.


Now and upcoming:

21.10.2017–15.04.2018the Wellington-Hippodroom in Ostend, Belgium
Participation of the exhibition in a frame work of the project, “The Raft. Art is (not) Lonely”

11.04.2018Cultuurcentrum De Grote Post in Ostend, Belgium
The premier of the theater version in a frame work of the project, “The Raft. Art is (not) Lonely”




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