2015-17. LEMONISM – Museum & theater version
“A rhizomatic performance series with performance & installation”

2015. Little Stories about S.O.S.: Signs Of Solidarity – Group version, performed by 4 performers
“Interpretation of Performance Recipe Book – Group Version“

2014. Little Stories about S.O.S.: Survival Of Solo – Solo version, performed by Akemi Takeya
“Interpretaion of Performance Recipe Book – Solo version”

2014. Little Stories about S.O.S.: Performance Recipe Book Book On Sale!
“Publication for Solo version and Group version”

2013. (anti)*Clockwise – Performed by Akemi Takeya with 2 female performers
“Expantion of Takeya’s succesful solo work, Feeler into a female ménage à trois“

2011. Feeler – Video Installation in collaboration with Road Izumiyama
“Filmed in Miyagi, Japan 2011”

2010. L.S. Project – L.S. Performance / L.S. Movie / L.S. Installation / L.S.Music
” A unique aproach with development of the Lemon Synthesizer sound “

2009. Suspended
– Performed by 5 perfomers in a triangle construction
“Performance Lab – Performance / Exhibition / Installation”

2008-09. Red Point – Consisting of 3 parts: s.e.e.d. / s.h.o.o.t / b.l.o.o.m.
“ A metaphor of “life” in constant transformation through visuals and sound ”

2007-08. 31shots – Collaboration with Anna MacRae and a male guest performer
“The play does not expound but it runs off – and on”

2006. Feeler – Solo performance with the feedback sound
“The canon of movements refers to ‘insectoid’ and ‘technoid’ association chains”


2006. So what! – One woman show with rechenzentrum (sound & video)
“Takeya’s stories are partially generated live, exhibited, and reworked & recycled”

2005. Ce_l – Voice & Performance with Ulf Langheinrich (audiovisual environment)
“She is very close, yet apart, isolated in ‘her’ space, very ‘en’closed indeed”

2005. Weathering Part 2 – Performance with Ulf Langheinrich (audiovisual environment)
“A compelling study of elementary human movement: standing, walking, lying down, sitting”

2004. Weathering Part1 – 7 hours body exhibition & performance with Ulf Langheinrich
“ Performance in 6 parts with an audiovisual environment”

2003-04. ZZ – Collaboration with Ong Ken Seng (artistic supervisor)
“Structured in a geometric cycle of past, present and future with fifteen motifs”

2002-03. AJ Project – the Austria X Japan Dance & Performance Exchange Programme
“Realization in Yokohama (2002), Vienna, Budapest and Prague (2003)”

2002. Shadow Pieces – Short pieces, solo & duo with Miguel Angel Gasper
Winter Night Fever / Oyoyo No Yo / X8 / Toyosaburo’s Fragment / DaDaDone (Duo)
“Focused on the theme of solitude”

2002. Double space – Collaboration with Noid (cello & electronic)
“Structured in 2 sessions – 1. Metamo.Breath and 2. Ringing Body”

2001-02. Multiple space – Collaboration with the sound artists, Christian Fennesz and Testuo Furudate
“In the course of five acts, both componnts, voice and body overlap and interweave ”

2001. Black Honey Drops – Dance solo with Ko Murobushi (artistic supervisor)
“Performance prompted by a deep-reaching Eros“

2000. Yuragi – Dance & music performance in a form of jam session
“Swinging between the style in collaboration with three musicians”

1999. Drowning Fish – Dance solo with Austrian Dance Production Prize 1999
“A metaphorical work, a diary of thoughts and incidents”

1998. Bodypoems_REFLECTION – 7 short stories
Semidream / How To Cure A Runny Nose / Clock / Bessie’s Neidung / Modern Ball Dance / Autumn Sales Assistant / Moon Moss Blossom
“In an unusual mixture of Asian and Western styles”

1997. Imeka – The first solo dance project in Europa
“Objective self-observation in tracking myself through a labyrinth of different characters”

1994-96. Modell5 – Project by Granular Synthesis & performance by Akemi Takeya
“4channel video and 8channel audio composition, displayed on four portrait-format screen, with a quadro-audio set up”