ZZremix (2019)

2019. ZZremix

This performance was presented in cooperation with ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival.

25./27.07.2019 – World Premiere @Odeon

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ZZremix is the reconstruction of Akemi Takeya’s successful solo performance “ZZ” which premiered at the “dietheater Wien” in 2003. Following the musical idea of the remix, the performative and musical material is transformed from a contemporary perspective.

The performance “ZZ” was developed by Akemi Takeya in and out of silence. In doing so, she transferred the sounds of her breath – as the smallest constants of silence – into the space and made them at the same time visible in the movements. Takeya’s remix now resumes the synchronisation of the sounds of human breath. Breath and sound are continuously modified, transformed and transcended; expansive sounds create psychoacoustic landscapes, located between real and unreal silence, noise and abstraction.
A remix in music is a new version of a piece of music: Remix means a remix of the original sound material, a transformation that is primarily driven by the idea of obtaining a new and perhaps different quality of music. This is achieved by re-formulating, interpreting and presenting the music in accordance with present conditions – as well as with newly developed technical and artistic possibilities. This reformulation can be both a gentle change that is always based on the original, as well as a complete new concept or total reformulation of the original material.

Akemi Takeya opted for the former. In “ZZremix”, she puts her personal and artistic development at the centre of the reconstruction. Developments, which meet and concern her as an artist as well as a human being, and above all as a “stranger” in an increaseingly nationalist zeitgeist. As well, her body has changed over more than a decade and it must also be taken into account and incorporated into the artistic work. Age and aging in our time are increaseingly becoming a acute as well as current social problem, and it has become almost necessity, also as an artist, to tackle this issue within the performance.

Akemi Takeya is determined in her thinking, feeling and working on the one hand by her Japanese roots, on the other hand by the so-called Wetsern way of being rational. Accordingly, she designs her performance work both poetically and artificially as well as constructively; emotionally contradictory as well as the cool and rigorously composed – always at the same time carried and permeated by the conditions / movements of the body, the breath and the voice (s), of songs and sounds, the opening and closing of the artistic space, its perspectivity and dimensions.

©Helmut Prochart & Karolina Miernik



Artistic Direction, Choreography & Performance Akemi Takeya Dramaturgy & Artistic Cooperation Armin Anders Light Jan Wagner Sound Peter Kutin / Moritz Nahold Prosthesis Markus Schinwald Choreography & Production Assistance Laura Fischer Costume Imeka / Ruth Erharter Artistic Discurs Ingrid Türk-Chlapek Communication Vladimir & Estragon Production Management partner in crime Supported by Wien Kultur, BKA & SKE-Fonds Residence & Scholarship Stadttänzerin 2019, Klagenfurt, Magistrat der Landeshauptstadt Klagenfurt am Wörthersee Cooperation ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival With special thanks to WUK – Werkstättenbereich, Odeon, 19. Salzburger Performance Tage / tanzimpulse, Tanz Etage Klagenfurt
Production IMEKA 2019
Duration: 55 min


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