A geometric cycle on past/present/future with 15 motifs for space, sound and body, for voice & movement:

ZZremix is a reconstruction work of the successful solo performance “ZZ” premired at “dietheater Wien” in 2003.
In „ZZremix“ (2019), Akemi Takya focuses above all on her own artistic developments and the strongly changing global conditions – which she, as an artist and as a person, above all as a „foreigner“ (migrant) in a more and more nationally giving zeitgeist are also personal and subjectively – in the center of their processing or reworking. The new version of this remix will be shown on July 25 & 27, 2019 as part of ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival.

The note

ZZ, so to speak, is an illusion of art in the ear, it tells about “silence”. In the labyrinthine world of memories and feelings, determined by development, change and multiplicity, the “I” remains unfathomable and mysterious. In the course of the performative process, the aim is to unify various combinations of single motifs in order to attain new forms of expression.

ZZ consists of 7 parts which are separated with relation to dramaturgy and composition.
There is a category of 15 elements that make the foundation of the performance’s basic structure; similarly, these structures are the basis of the formal design as well as for concrete accents of impulses in or between individual scenes.

The sound of ZZ is based on an abstraction of the various ways of expressing the sound of breathing: electronic sounds and their frequencies are transformed into “universal” and “inner” silence – through descriptive drawing, a landscape is created in the space, carried by sensitivity for time and movement. The sound transforms the divinity between the reality and irreality of “silence”.

“The process of a geometric cycle which deals with the symbolic elements of past, present, and future, is brought into focus by a silent space defined by light. The sound as well as the fifteen elementary motifs bring about a spatial metamorphosis of the voice and body performance. The basic motifs originate from my creative collection of several years. The sensitivity for a silent space, developed through my multi-functional modes of expression, becomes connected with space, sound and movement through the combination of the fifteen elements, thus creating a complex inner labyrinth of my self.“ A.T.

The intention

For Akemi Takeya it is important to keep the artistic motivation at a high level, on the one hand to „survive“ as an actress and on the other hand, to the self-imposed goal, with her voice, her body work and her performance art to respond to a new generation as well as to transmit it appropriately, which, of course, means transforming it in a timely manner.
It is time today to return to „ZZ“ to reconsider it from a contemporary perspective – realizing the resumption (Remix) is therefore an essential as well as existential task for Akemi Takeya and also for the audience.

„ZZ“ (2003) as starting material is a performance by Akemi Takeya, which was developed in and out of silence. Akemi Takeya constantly transmitted her breathing sounds – as the smallest constants of silence – audible in the room, and visible in the movements. Akemi Takeya´s work showed on the one hand a synchronization of the human breathing sound and on the other hand one of the manipulated and defined sound – both breath and sound were continuously modified, transformed and transcended. Takeya integrated different themes and forms of expression (dance, music and performance) which became visible in the form of a multifaceted interaction.

ZZremix“ (2019) will preserve all of the qualities described above, but at the same time refresh or update them. Akemi Takeya´s „ZZremix“ focuses primarily on her own personal developments and the strongly changing global conditions – which she, as an artist and as a person, above all as a „foreigner“ (migrant), in a more and more nationalistic zeitgeist personally and subjectively affects– in the center of her processing or reworking.

With the performance method developed by Akemi Takeya herself, which has been refined for a long time, she now wants to become stronger, more conscious and more intense than ever before with her thoughts, feelings and arts to the discourses and contemporary debates in politics, philosophy and society, and in the truest sense of the word, to „embody“ these debates in „ZZremix“ in her own characteristic way. Armin Anders

” For identifying a silence’s meaning and responding to the silence – I transmit the sound of her breath, the smallest constant of silence. This work shows the synchronisation of the sound of human breath on the one hand and that of a manipulated, defined sound on the other hand. Both breath and sound are modified in time and space. In the performance, I integrate various themes and forms of expression (dance, music and body & voice performance) which become visible in the shape of a fascinating interplay.” A.T.



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