Body & Voice Work

Intensive & Special Class

Schrei X8 – The Vocalic Body » Intermediate
30 & 31 July 2022: 2 classes of 360 min. (Arsenal / Objekt 19, 12:30–18:30) @ImpulsTanzFestival 2022

This workshop aims to build up own expression resources by learning Takeya’s unique method of unification of voice and body using her circular breathing technique, and also to build up instrumentalisation of the emotions in the body, leading to the creation of own compositions of vocalic screams: It forces on the activation of one’s own powers and development of primal motives, which are transformed into each one’s own performance, while imitating the barks, howls and roars of nature’s creatures and striving for variations of the voice work of charismatic artists such as Yoko Ono, Diamanda Galas, Marina Abramović etc…

Basic Method

The key element of Takeya’s work is to deepen one’s perceptive ability in sensing an invisible inner energy in the body, which Akemi named “Breath Body”. In addition, the workshop participants are going to explore their own presence on stage, articulation, releasing and tensing, offensiveness and defensiveness, reaction and action, instant selection and decision, timing, personal history, sharing something, face, attitude, gesture, words and voice.

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