Body & Voice Work

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The aim of Takeya’s work is to deepen one’s perceptive ability in sensing an invisible inner energy in the body, which Akemi named “Breath Body”. In addition, the workshop participants are going to explore their own presence on stage, articulation, releasing and tensing, offensiveness and defensiveness, reaction and action, instant selection and decision, timing, personal history, sharing something, face, attitude, gesture, words and voice.

∅ Body & Voice Work (Basic)
Feeler(s) – the Internal reformation of body:
Training is based on embryonic breathing techniques and the development of physical skills and condition.

∅ Body & Voice Work (Basic+)
Beyond habits and no habits – the transformative power of body:
Experimental session at the intersection of improvisation and composition.

∅ Weekend Workshop (Intensive)
Body & Voice Work on creative process – Interaction between Impression and expression:
Acting, Moving, Speaking and Singing in the development of initiative ideas.

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