2016. LEMONISM x JAPONISM | MINIMALISM | SYMBOLISM | ACTIONISM: A rhizomatic performance series vol.1
“Confrontation with different art isms in the 72 positions”

2015. LEMONISM X ACTIONISM: Kick off of the performance series
“Flesh acts as flesh, juice for blood, cut for cut“

2015. Little Stories about S.O.S.: Signs Of Solidarity: Group version, performance by 4 performers
“Interpretation of Performance Recipe Book“

2014. Little Stories about S.O.S.: Survival Of Solo: Solo version, performance by Akemi Takeya
“Interpretaion and publication of Performance Recipe Book for Solo Version & Group Version”

2013. (anti)*Clockwise: Performance by Akemi Takeya with 2 female performers
“ Expantion of Takeya’s succesful solo work, Feeler into a female ménage à trois“

2010. L.S. performance / untitled #1 #2 #3: Solo performance with the Lemon Synthesizer Sound
” Project consisting of L.S. performance / L.S. movie / L.S. installation / L.S.music”

2009. Suspended: Performance by 5 perfomers in a triangle construction
“Performance Lab – Performance / Exhibition / Installation”

2008-09. Red Point: An autobiographic work with Tanja Tomic (visual design) and Metalycée (music band)
“ Performance piece consisting of 3 parts: s.e.e.d. / s.h.o.o.t / b.l.o.o.m. ”

2007-08. 31shots: Performance with Anna MacRae and a male guest performer
“The play does not expound but it runs off – and on”

2006. Feeler: Solo performance with the feedback sound
“The canon of movements refers to ‘insectoid’ and ‘technoid’ association chains”

2006. So what!: One woman show with rechenzentrum (sound & video)
“Takeya’s stories are partially generated live, exhibited, and reworked & recycled”

2005. Ce_l: Voice & body performance with Ulf Langheinrich (audiovisual environment)
“She is very close, yet apart, isolated in ‘her’ space, very ‘en’closed indeed”

2005. Weathering Part 2: Body performance with Ulf Langheinrich (audiovisual environment)
“A compelling study of elementary human movement: standing, walking, lying down, sitting”

2004. Weathering Part1: 7 hours body exhibition & performance with Ulf Langheinrich
“ Performance in 6 parts with an audiovisual environment”

2003-04. ZZ: Collaboration with Ong Ken Seng (artistic supervisor) and Noid (sound design)
“Structured in a geometric cycle of past, present and future with fifteen motifs”

2002-03. AJ Project: The Austria X Japan Dance & Performance Exchange Programme
“Realization in Yokohama (2002), Vienna, Budapest and Prague (2003)”

2002. Shadow Pieces: Short pieces, solo & duo with Miguel Angel Gasper
“Focused on the theme of solitude”

2002. Double space: Voice & body performance with Noid (cello & electronic)
“Structured in 2 sessions – the first session, Metamo.Breath and the second session, Ringing Body”

2001-02. Multiple space: Voice & body performance with the sound artists, Christian Fennesz and Testuo Furudate
“In the course of five acts, both componnts, voice and body overlap and interweave more and more”

2001. Black Honey Drops: Dance solo with Ko Murobushi (artistic supervisor)
“Performance prompted by a deep-reaching Eros“

2000. Yuragi: Dance & music performance in a form of jam session
“Swinging between the style in collaboration with three musicians”

1999. Drowning Fish: Dance solo with Austrian Dance Production Prize 1999
“A metaphorical work, a diary of thoughts and incidents”

1998. Bodypoems_REFLECTION: 7 short stories with live music
“In an unusual mixture of Asian and Western styles”

1997. Imeka: The first solo dance project in Europa
“Objective self-observation in tracking myself through a labyrinth of different characters”

1994-96. Modell5: Project by Granular Synthesis & performance by Akemi Takeya
“4channel video and 8channel audio composition, displayed on four portrait-format screen, with a quadro-audio set up”